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A 3D rainbow abstract generated graphic of a ribbon helix


Create your own AI using any data

Build and optimize text and image AI for your needs. Train, fine-tune, and generate from your data. Deploy in your cloud — or use ours

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Connect your data

Add data from GitHub, Notion, Google Docs, PDFs, CRMs, Images, or a website


Train your model

We use best-in-class open source models for image and language generation, and can train them in minutes thanks to LoRA fine tuning


Share your model

Click the share button to create a link to your session, or create a bot. Optionally deploy to your own fully private infrastructure

luke@chunky:~$ helix runner
A generated image of a swirling nebula


Helix Cloud has free and premium tiers: $20/month which gives you GPU priority. We also offer the following tiers for deployment of our software in your own cloud or data center.

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  • Individuals
  • Non–commercial, open source developers
  • Students and Educators
  • Companies with fewer than 250 employees & less than $10 million in annual revenue
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  • Companies with more than 250 employees
  • Companies with more than $10 million annual revenue
  • Available in professional, team or business flavours, depending on your needs

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